This site is run by Andrew & Wendy Rayner who are based in Felixstowe, Suffolk, UK

They are involved in leading worship at their local church, Christ Church Felixstowe, where Andrew is the music director.
They also run a recording studio called Wendy House Studios and a music publishing label Wendy House Music

Over the several years, they have written lots of worship songs for many different occasions and situations. 
Many of these songs have been born out of their own lives and the worship in their church.
They have also written many children's songs for large scale schools music projects
as well as for their local gospel choir

These songs are available on this web site. Lyrics, melody sheets and mp3 demos are all downloadable.
Most of these songs have been recorded and are available on CD. Please email for further details

Full music is available by order, as are backing tracks. When music is available in published song books, these are referenced

The songs have been categorised as shown above - please note however there is some crossover between categories.

Many of the songs under the 'children's' section were written for a 7 - 14 year old target age group, but many also work for adults as well!

The quality of the mp3 demos varies - some are lifts from final album mixes whereas others are indicative rough and ready - real demos !!
(hopefully you can tell which are in each category !)

If you do make use of any of the material, please make sure you declare the songs on your CCLI returns
Do also please let us know if you have used any of the songs - it is great to have updates.