We cry to you

There are just a handful of intercessory prayer songs that I can really relate to – ‘Who can sound’ and ‘O Lord the clouds’ by Graham Kendrick and ‘We have sung our songs’ by Stuart Townend.
When specifically praying for world situations which seem enormous and completely out of any control, I have wanted to voice my own crying out to God. The song has a powerful ‘crying out’ chorus with verses that bring specific areas on concern
Sometimes a song can feel like you are conveying more that you can with just words in prayer.

Below are the lyrics to 'We cry to you'

Father God we bring to you our sick and hurting world
Countless lives discarded day by day
People in your image held in violence and neglect
Lord we long for peace and love to reign

We cry to You, O Lord of the nations
For justice throughout all the lands
We call on You to move in your power
O Sovereign King of all the earth

Holy Lord we plead for those whose lives exist oppressed
Captive in the lands they call their home
Suffering in silence and injustice with each breath
How long till your people will be free

Merciful and loving God, Your children die in need
Yet we stand before you rich and free
Knowing that we squander the resources you have given
Inspire us into action that brings change

Help us Lord to be a voice for those who cannot speak
Motivate the apathy we show
We will bring the people of the nations to your throne
Father we ask you to hear our prayer

Andrew & Wendy Rayner
September 2004 © Wendy House Music

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